Using Video Product Reviews to Increase Conversions

Have you considered the power of using video product reviews to increase conversions? As the speed of the internet has grown, we have filled the available bandwidth – moving from simple text to images, and finally to video. More and more, the content that catches the attention of consumers and leads them to some form of conversion is video. Unfortunately, too many e-commerce businesses still base their marketing and sales funnels in text and images. That means missing out on potential customers, sales, and revenue.

It is no secret that using video can increase your chances of being found in search listings, and watching a product video significantly increases the chances of someone making a purchase. But, there is even more power in the use of video when you combine it with social proof. People will naturally emulate the behavior they see in others. Showcasing other purchasers and users of your product creates this confidence in your product.
One way to combine the power of video and social proof is through the use of video product reviews.
Today, people trust online reviews as much as they once valued personal recommendations from friends and family. Video product reviews offer the opportunity to engage the power of video and social proof. The best part is that your customers are taking on the work for you creating video content and becoming engaged in your marketing.
The only question is, how do you get started with the process of adding video product reviews to your e-commerce store? The easiest solution is to find a trusted partner to take the work and worry out of the process. Consider letting Recommend help you. Get started right away, adding video product reviews to your store to increase conversions and boost your revenue.


  1. David Parker
    April 11, 2020

    This is a useful post for finding broken links within the website, what about links pointing outwards that are broken? I can use a free web service but wondered if this was possible.

    • Harry Olson
      April 11, 2020

      Great tool! I am using a redirect plugin to send all my 404’s to my home page but I think it’s slacking sometimes.


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